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I have just dropped my three year old off at nursery. He only does half days – a week of mornings followed by a week of afternoons. The nursery is within a large primary school. An excellent primary school. An excellent primary school of roughly 650 pupils. It is situated on a quiet little tree lined street, is built of beautiful red bricks and has an enormous playing field (that seemed as big as the moon when I went there).

Unfortunately 650 pupils results in a fair number of parents and grandparents wanting to collect these children at home time. And a pretty little tree lined street, with big yellow zig zags to ensure the safety of 650 pupils means that there is precious little parking within an arms reach of the school gate. 

This is a big problem at home time.

And I don’t understand WHY it is such a problem – because if these parents would be willing to park out of sight of the school, there is a supermarket within 2 minutes walk. A supermarket that has hundreds of parking spaces. Free spaces. With no time constraints.

But today when I dropped my three year old off, it was 1pm. Not a busy time. There shouldn’t be a huge problem with getting there on time – after all, you’ve been up for a considerable amount of time and you’re not battling with breakfast or getting other children out of the door or rush hour traffic. However THREE parents/grandparents parked on the yellow zigzags right outside the school gate.

It’s illegal.

But common sense should tell these people that three year olds are excitable. That they have very little road sense. That they are so small that it is nigh on impossible to see them in your mirrors. And they are endangering the lives of children by their selfish actions.

They are endangering the life of my beautiful, bright, happy, excitable little boy who doesn’t fully understand the dangers of stupid, selfish, lazy people.

Am I wrong to feel THIS angry?