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Today, again, I rang the Child Support Agency (CSA).

It’s been more than 9 weeks since we last received any maintenance – and that was the grand total of £5 per week. Which is £1.66 per week, per child. Hungry, growing, sporty teenage boys who eat like food is going out of fashion, wear out shoes in a matter of weeks, need clothes and treats and school trips.
So no maintenance since the end of September.
Why? Because my ex has come off benefits and gone back into work.
It’s probably at this point you’re wondering why I’m writing this, as you more than likely assume that as he’s back in work, I’ll be much better off.
I’m not.
My children aren’t.
We’re actually the grand sum of £5 per week worse off.
Again you’re probably wondering why? Well, the CSA have been phoning him and writing to him regularly – yet he’s chosen to ignore them. And apparently that’s what NRP (non-resident parents) can do. Apparently they can apply the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rule. Or, as I like to call it, the ‘f**k it, someone else can pick up the bill’ rule.
So now the CSA have brought in the Inland Revenue to perform a trace on him. This will take 12 weeks. They will discover where he works, how many hours he works and his pay. Then they will communicate this back to the CSA and they will award us 25% of the nett pay.
But that won’t be the end of it. Then the CSA will write and tell my ex to pay the set amount.
(Remember, this money isn’t for me to head to Bargain Booze or hit the sales. This money is maintenance. Money to maintain the children. THE CHILDREN)
Then of course, he will remain ‘non compliant’. He will continue to refuse to acknowledge the letters and phone calls. And then the CSA will make a deduction of earnings – meaning that his employer *should* remove this money at source on a specified date each month and forward it to the CSA who will then forward it to me. You may have noticed the hint of sarcasm there. His last employer (about 2 years ago) used to wait until they received bailiff notices for non payment.
So none of this is fair. Not to me. Not to my husband (who meets all the bills). Not and most of all, not to my children!
I was also told today that my case will migrate as a CM3 when they implement the changes. And I will have to pay for the privilege of using the CSA. I will be required to pay for using the CSA even tho they won’t have any more power. How is any of this fair?