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As part of my ’41 before I’m 41′ I’m trying to be more positive. And to be fair, since my birthday that has been very easy.

The lovely Mr sixdegreesofharmony booked my birthday week off work and we spent every day together, we shopped, we ate out, we went to a comedy night, we went to a spa and had a night out with friends (all of which will feature in future blogs). How can you feel sad about that?

Once Mr sixdegreesofharmony went back to work, I busied myself with housework, laundry, shopping; my general daily routine knowing that we had a date night booked for the following Saturday (again, that’s a story for a future day, but it was simply amazing!)

Monday morning was cold. Very cold. And wet.

I was busy on the school run, making a mental note of all the jobs I needed to do when I returned home and it struck me that I didn’t feel grumpy about this.

Yes, it was cold – but I had a warm coat on and I was outside, with my children.

Yes, I had chaos waiting for me at home – but I have a home. A wonderful home. Warm and safe.

Yes, there were a hundred and one things that needed doing but that’s because I’m lucky enough to have a large family. And the reason I had so much to do was because I’d had a fabulous, fabulous weekend being spoilt by my amazing family and friends.

(It’s now Tuesday and I still have 90% of those jobs still do, but hey ho, one day at a time – this change was to be more positive, not to be more productive…)