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Earlier this week I wrote about how I am trying to be more positive; last night this new mind set was put to the test.

Last night, Mr sixdegreesofharmony and I decided that we needed to nip to the supermarket after our youngest went to bed. Whilst Mr sixdegreesofharmony was settling him, I was loading the dishwasher and generally tidying up. Youngest fell asleep very quickly so I nipped to the loo and suddenly there was a loud rumbling followed by a large crash. The weather was vile – it was blowing a storm and raining akin to biblical proportions so I initially thought we may have lost a ridge tile. Or chimney pot.

I rushed downstairs and could hear Mr sixdegreesofharmony shouting me from the garage. I went in and couldn’t believe the devastation. The flat roof had leaked to such an extent the ceiling had collapsed and there was smashed plasterboard, rubble and a waterfall cascading down over all possessions.

My hubby is a drummer and not long ago treated himself to a gorgeous new kit and specialised bags to keep it all in. That was right under the deluge.

And when we cleared my mother in law’s house, we couldn’t face sorting things out so that was all in the garage too.

Our enormous new tent. The camping chairs. Suitcases full of text books from my uni days. Paperwork. Things we had sorted for a car boot sale. The list goes on…

We spent what seemed like an unfeasibly long time bringing things in, assessing the damage and generally feeling pretty sorry for ourselves.

Our eldest helped us, took a lot of the strain and said he’d keep an ear out for our youngest (who miraculously slept throughout it all) whilst we nipped to the supermarket as originally planned. Except now our short list had a bottle of wine added to it!

As we got in the car, bottom lips quivering, and it dawned on me how lucky we actually are!

We were due to move the children’s wrapped presents into the garage this weekend. We’re SO lucky that they weren’t damaged! And if the damaged had happened last week, our boxed tree and decorations would have been ruined.

We have insurance so any damage to the drums will be covered. The paperwork and books haven’t been looked at in such a long time so I won’t even miss them. Sure, we have lost things of sentimental value and of course they can never be replaced (and my house looks like a junk shop as what can hopefully be salvaged is drying out) but there are so many positives when you start to look for them instead of dwelling on the negatives…