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Thank you.

Do you say it enough? Do you even say it at all?

I like to think that I say it often; to the stranger that holds a door open for me, to the lady that serves me in the supermarket, to the postman when he hands me a parcel… But do I say it often enough to those that matter?

I have a wonderful, wonderful husband (yes you, Mr sixdegreesofharmony) who certainly has a lot to put up with. Thank you!

I have four fabulous children (yes, the ones I shouted at this morning – and tweeted how cross they made me). Thank you!

I have fantastic friends – friends that I’ve known since I was young, friends that I’ve made recently, friends that I’ve only conversed with over the Internet. Thank you!

I have a special family. A family that consists of blood relations and love relations. Thank you!

Thank you each and every one of you.

Thank you for all your love, your support, your laughter, your endless tweets and texts, your secrets. You really are the people that make me a better me