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My ex came off JSA in September meaning that the £5 per week I was receiving to share between my three teenage boys stopped – you can read all about that debacle here https://sixdegreesofharmony.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/the-child-support-agency-sniggers-at-on-joke/
Since then I have phoned the CSA regularly. They have maintained that my ex has failed to respond to any communication with them and the Inland Revenue trace has shown that he isn’t working legally. Because of this, on the 5th February they wrote to me to say they have now decided to ‘award’ us a nil assessment.
My case worker said she believes my ex is working cash in hand. As a government agency worker she has the duty to report these suspicions to HMRC, I believe. But she hasn’t. She said I could – but I don’t even know what part of the country he lives in.
The premise of child maintenance is that all parents have a responsibility to provide regular and reliable financial support for their children.
If I don’t pay my bills, there would be repercussions.
If I neglected my children, there would be repercussions.
If I defrauded the government, there would be repercussions.
But as a non-resident parent he is apparently flouting all these and getting away with it.
If you are suspected of committing benefit fraud, you are likely to find yourself under surveillance by the Department of Work and Pensions. In 2011 the Department promised an additional £425m funding to tackle fraud over the next four years. But that’s IF you are committing benefit fraud. The CSA does not have access to surveillance, apparently(!)
But my ex isn’t defrauding the government. He’s defrauding people far more important. He’s defrauding his children.
I read recently that ‘if you breed em, you feed em’ but the government seem to disagree!