Whenever people ask me about my blog, I always get asked, “Why sixdegreesofharmony?”

So let me tell you…

Imagine having four children. Imagine the mess. The noise. The arguing. The stress.

Yep! Well, no!

There are six of us and mostly, usually, not always but more often than not, it’s harmonious.

We are the family version of ‘The Odd Couple’ – our boys don’t seem to share any interests; one is a social creature, very out going, slots in anywhere. Another is a total gamer and shuns the outside. Another is sports mad, he watches all sports and is a mini ‘Statto’. And the youngest is different again, he’s like Tigger and cannot sit still. If one adores a particular food, two will like it and one will hate it. One plays bass. One plays drums. And so it continues.

They thrive on being different. Bizarrely it’s why they get on. They sit and chat about each other’s interests.

My husband and I first met at school and we were so unbelievably different. He was cool and played in a band. He was popular and outgoing and HOT! I was geeky and liked maths and NOT even close to cool. Yet here we are 25 years a couple of years later, happier than ever.

I guess the adage of ‘opposites attract’ is true.

Differences are what people interesting.

And happy.