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I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as a MorrisonsMum. As a family of 6 our shopping bill can be huge – my teens are always hungry and eat copious amounts of cereal and toast between meals meaning we get through an average of 6 pints of milk and at least one loaf every day – so the vouchers were a very welcome addition, helping our weekly budget.


Our nearest Morrisons shop is about 25 minutes drive away so it isn’t always our first choice but it has recently extended and we do like the fruit and veg there, as it’s laid out more like a proper green grocer rather than prepackaged standard supermarket food.

We knew our Bank Holiday weekend was going to be a busy one as my husband had rehearsal on Saturday night, I was attending Blog On in Manchester on Sunday and we had arranged to meet friends on Monday. I wanted food that would be tasty but wouldn’t mean we had to spend ages prepping or cooking.

We decided to have fresh pizza with salad on Saturday. We chose Margaritas for most of us so that we could add our own toppings (pineapple and olives) and my eldest son and his girlfriend wanted a chicken pizza. At £3.70 for a super large, tasty pizza that easily feeds two people, it’s a wonderful Saturday night treat that won’t break the bank.

Sunday we had our favourite quick meal of pasta, pesto and roasted vegetables – the pasta is only 29p for a 500g bag, the pesto was on offer (2 jars of Filippo Berio sauce for £3.50), the courgettes were 99p prepacked and to speed up the preparation we opted for frozen, sliced peppers (£1 per bag means that they’re also a cheaper option than fresh!)

My husband had offered to cook on Monday; another firm favourite of Quorn burgers topped with griddled haloumi in a lovely soft roll with salad – and a super rare treat of chips!

As we were visiting my parents, we bought a chicken for them. And they were impressed with the quality – and price – of the meat.

My only gripe was that our local store had a rather disappointing vegetarian range – but this aside, we got everything we needed and more! We stocked up on cleaning products, non-bio laundry detergent as our youngest child has very sensitive skin, toiletries, wine (the selection is very impressive) and dog food.

We will definitely be returning to Morrisons as the fresh produce is far superior to our local supermarket.

Thanks Morrisons!