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Dear Cold Sore,

I am writing in response to you having taken up residence on my face.

Firstly, I wish to know why you have chosen now… I am not run down or under the weather. I have had an excellent few weeks, enjoying the company of my friends and family, my children have caused me no stress, our finances are looking less bleak, my life is good and I’ve been taking my medications.

Secondly I would like to know why there is no effective treatment. I have previously tried various creams and gels which have had no impact and the prescribed acyclovir tablets need to be taken when I feel the tingle (which, you sneaky thing you, didn’t happen this time!)

You cause immense pain, the nerves in my face become über sensitive to temperature, you cause my glands to swell and my ear to throb, you look unsightly – and worse still, I can’t kiss my children or husband!

Yours, eagerly awaiting a response