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Making sure our children eat their five a day fruit and vegetables is easy. They adore fruit. They are pretty good at eating vegetables too. And when they aren’t, I make ‘stealth’ sauces for pasta or as pizza toppings.

We love smoothies and fresh fruit milkshakes. We have a juicer and our 4 year old is rather partial to orange with spinach.

But what do you do if your little one isn’t as keen on fresh fruit? How do you ensure your banana doesn’t get damaged in a lunch box? Or your strawberries don’t go mushy in the back of a fridge?


We have discovered Crushed. They’re fruit pouches that taste amazing. They’re 100% natural, low in fat, non dairy and are suitable for vegetarians. What’s not to love?! They also have lovely designs on – ensuring your child will be happy to have one. Pouches are perfect for eating on there go as there is no mess, no stickiness and no excessive waste. The little screw on lid goes back on and you can safely and cleanly store the empty pouch until you dispose of it.

They come in two delicious flavours: apple & banana and apple & strawberry.

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Our 4 year old loves these! They’re so handy for me to have in my handbag for a quick and healthy snack. We also love them on breakfast waffles with natural yogurt as a treat at the weekend

My husband is a runner and the banana flavour is great for him. It’s marginally higher in calories and bananas are fabulous before a workout as they’re packed with potassium which aids muscle function and the carbohydrate increases endurance. They’re easy for him to carry around, similar to energy gels. But tastier.

Of course, you’ll now be wanting to know where you can get your hands on Crushed. Waitrose are currently stocking them – and from June they’ll also be available in WHSmith in train stations and airports (perfect for your journey!)