I was very excited to hear about the Brook Street Carnival in Chester – it is a one day event which is happening on 25 May, starting at 11:30 am.

And it’s FREE!

Started in 2011 by Mark Jones (who ran Joe’s Trading Place until 2013) and Stuart Stevenson, who has a comic shop on Brook Street, supported by the ‘Friends of Brook Street’ (formerly Brook Street Traders and Residents) the community led carnival aimed to celebrate the multicultural and ethnic diversity of the local people

Several years on, it also serves to promote local businesses and regeneration as, since the building of the inner ring road, Brook Street feels cut off from the city, with the bus now circumnavigating the area. This means that the myriad of restaurants and shops have lost out.

The carnival aims to build on the established community spirit of the area and enables people to meet their local police officers and PCSOs. Last year the carnival had a visit from the local fire brigade – complete with fire engine; all of which helps to break down barriers and results in relationships being strengthened between residents and people in the emergency services .

Brook Street carnival provides an ideal opportunity for the community to enjoy varied acts on stage throughout the day; live music, Egyptian and Irish dancers, gang show sketches all available to those that aren’t in a position to travel to see such acts, or who maybe have never experienced live entertainment previously. Performing also builds confidence and self worth in young people and allows their acts to be seen by a wider audience.

And remember, it is FREE!

Of course, there will also be stalls and fairground rides too

It sounds like it’s a real ‘feel good’ event and I for one am looking forward to the day. So come along and support all the hard work and be entertained