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Our older boys wanted a dog.

I wasn’t keen. I’m scared of dogs.

Mr sixdegreesofharmony wanted a dog.

I REALLY wasn’t keen. I’m REALLY scared of dogs.

Our boys promised to walk a dog and feed a dog. They promised to play with a dog. And they REALLY wanted one. They ALL REALLY wanted one. Our boys and Mr sixdegreesofharmony REALLY wanted a dog.

We needed a dog that didn’t require miles and miles of walking everyday – but by the same token a dog that wouldn’t mind a blummin’ good leg stretch in the hills. We needed a dog that was good with children, wasn’t too big, didn’t shed too much, was friendly, could be trained reasonably easily.

I thought that these requirements couldn’t be met. And therefore we wouldn’t get one. So I agreed to look.

It turns out that King Charles spaniels tick all the boxes… So I did a lot more research.

But then I found Milo.



I love him.


The children love him.

image image image


Mr sixdegreesofharmony loves him.


Milo ticked all the boxes – and melted my heart. We drove over 100 miles to view him and drove home with him on my knee.

He doesn’t know he’s a dog. I think he thinks he’s a cat. He doesn’t bark. He’s scared of everything, including – but not limited to – other dogs, birds, people, loud noises, the wind, the mop. He doesn’t like going out in the rain. He likes to sleep. He likes running 6 miles with Mr sixdegreesofharmony.

When he sleeps, he sleeps soundly. The only noise to wake him is the sound of the salad drawer of the fridge being opened(!) He sits patiently, waiting for vegetables to fall from the chopping board; peppers, cucumber. He’s also partial to peas, sweetcorn and apple. And cheese. And vegetarian sausages.

He’s perfect (except for the eating poo bit. Because they do, don’t they?! Dogs eat poo! Why? Bleurgh)

Oh and I’m still REALLY scared of dogs. Other dogs.