I’ve written several times about my story with the CSA.

It’s not a pretty story.

But it’s not an unusual story.

You may want to read about it here

Today it has been formally announced that all cases are being migrated to CMeC (or some other acronym).

There will be three levels: CM1, CM2 and CM3 – my case is in the CM3 category. This is because the man involved in the case (I can’t bring myself to call him a father) does not want to contribute financially.

He refuses to have any correspondence with the CSA. He doesn’t take their calls. He doesn’t reply to their letters.

He doesn’t claim JSA. He doesn’t claim DLA. He doesn’t pay income tax…

How is he supporting his lifestyle? Apparently that isn’t important. The CSA aren’t interested enough in that.

But what they are interested in is making me and Mr sixdegreesofharmony pay them. We need to pay them to provide the same shocking service that we’ve always been receiving. We need to pay them whilst paying for food, clothes, shoes, toys, school uniform, school trips. We are meeting every financial and emotional need of these wonderful children.

We are trying to bring these amazing children up to be responsible, to accept that their actions have knock on consequences, that they can impact on other people.

We could not be prouder of them; they are hard working young men with a great work ethic and ambition. They’re are emotionally mature, thoughtful, kind, funny and popular. We really enjoy spending time with them, not just as parents, but also as friends – and teach me so much.

They truly are proof of nurture over nature.