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We love visiting Knowsley as there’s always something for everyone and it’s perfect, whatever the weather. So when we were invited to visit we were thrilled.

Recently the safari park has welcomed Iberian wolf sisters, Maria and Morena and has new additions to the bird of prey aviary which we were keen to see.

Knowing that the park can get rather busy, we decided to go before the school broke up for half term – so one morning, once we had waved our older boys off, we were on our way. And we’re glad we did. We joined the small queue at reception, gathered our park information and safety leaflets and entered.

The park was gloriously quiet and we got to spend as long as we wanted, getting photos and talking to our 4 year old about the animals. We managed to spot some antlered deer, painted dogs and the featured Iberian wolves. We then made our way through to the wild cats. The tigers, who have their own enclosure looked magnificent. Unfortunately the lion enclosure was not open to the public (and from what we could see, they were particularly ‘lively’ so we were glad that we weren’t any closer).


We then decided to take the ‘car friendly route’ to see the monkeys as we were a little concerned about damage to our car. This means that we got to drive close to the fence and see everything that was happening (particularly as we arrived just as the food was served). The baboons had babies with them and we spent an age watching as the mothers helped them feed and protected them from the rain.

When we moved on we went to see the bongo, rhino and camels.

image image

It still takes my breath away just how close you actually get to the wildlife… And one of the highlights of Mr sixdegreesofharmony’s day was when we saw a lone ostrich who was sporting a particularly fetching beard of wet grass. Thinking it would be hilarious I pointed out that maybe he had a little something around his mouth. You know, just a smidge of something, near his beak. The ostrich then stood bolt upright, turned and made eye contact


and walked determinedly toward the car. IN A VERY MENACING WAY! It was at this point that I *may* have jumped onto Mr sixdegreesof harmony’s knee and screamed “DRIVE ON! HE’S GOING TO PECK MY EYES OUT!” But that would be because I knew it would make him laugh until he couldn’t breathe… Not because I was scared. I wasn’t! I WASN’T! (Well, okay, I was terrified!)

The weather was absolutely shocking, with the rain being particularly heavy, but that’s one of the joys of a safari park over a zoo – and you don’t need to carry your picnic/sun cream/camera around all day either! But don’t think that there’s nothing else to do once you’ve driven around as there’s plenty more to see; elephants, giraffe, meerkats, the bat house, birds of prey, the sea lions (who take part in a show at various point throughout the day), a bug house and there’s even fairground rides, adventure play areas, an amusement arcade, aerial activity, a cafe and an opportunity to stretch your legs in the gorgeous surrounds of the woodland walk.

image image

I would recommend checking the website before you plan your visit though, as not everything is open until half term.