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I can’t claim to be a whizz when it comes to housework – and if I could pay someone to dust and vacuum my house, I would. Two jobs I really like are cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry. There’s something really cathartic about blitzing the bathroom, throwing open the window and having a sparkling, fresh smelling room (for about 30 seconds, until a small child uses it and I need to start again!)

But laundry is THE ONE! Laundry is something I really love doing. I do, on average, three loads a day. More at the weekend. I love having an empty laundry basket. I love having piles of sweet smelling, clean clothes. (And I love it because Mr sixdegreesofharmony irons!)

The problem with laundry is when you WANT to wash at a high temperature because your children have worn their clothes for a maximum of two hours and they look like they’ve competed in Tough Mudder, but you’ve bought a lovely top that is navy and white stripes; high temperatures result in colour run, low temperatures mean the stains remain.


Now, although modern detergents are amazing at getting stains out at low temperatures (how they get that stained is beyond me) there is still bacteria on the clothes – resulting in a ‘bacterial soup’ with bugs transferring from item to item in the wash, potentially contaminating your load.

So I was thrilled to discover Dettol anti-bacterial laundry cleanser. Just two capfuls of this in the fabric softener drawer of your washing machine kills 99.9% of bacteria when washing at temperatures below 60 degrees, it’s dermatologically tested and safe to use on children’s clothes.


And more than that, it smells AMAZING! We are using the ‘fresh cotton’ fragrance and our laundry smells so good. It also comes in a ‘soothing lavender’ which would be great for bedding…

You can buy Dettol anti-bacterial laundry cleanser in all major supermarkets. It has a RRP of £4.59 for 1.5 litres.

DISCLAIMER *I was sent a sample of Dettol Anti Bacterial Laundry Cleanser for the purpose of this review, but I actually love this product*