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As you may (or may not) know, I am a lone female in this household. It is not a girlie household, at all!

I have a husband – the incredible Mr sixdegreesofharmony. And together we have four sons. Which means we watch (and take part in) a lot of sport. I struggle to get enthused about some of the things they watch on this TV but, fortunately, I do LOVE football!

So, in keeping with my usual routine of meal planning, I am entering into the spirit of the World Cup and am doing what most people do at Eurovision. No, I’m not going to dress up in some weird outfit and start crooning! I mean food. I’m meal planning in accordance to the nationality of teams in certain matches.

We’ve bought a large world map so that our children (and we) can learn a little more about geography;


and rather than try to whip up a culinary masterpiece for each match, I have decided to put my feet up, relax, let someone else do all the hard work – and will be ordering through the very reliable Just-Eat

As Brazil are hosting, it’s only fitting that we start with them. Thursday June 12 sees them play Croatia at 9pm. It took me a little while to plan this one, but the traditional meal of ‘coxinha‘ is a chicken croquette shaped like a drumstick – so chicken and chips will be our dinner.

Spain, as current holders, play the following day, against Holland. Friday night, 8pm, means that something that we can all sit down together and share would be perfect! Tapas! A fiery chilli, garlic king prawn dish, bravos tapas, garlicky mushrooms, rosemary potatoes… And maybe a few Spanish beers for me and Mr sixdegreesofharmony too – well it IS the weekend!

Saturday 14 June, sees it all kick off (see what I did there?) for England as they play Italy at 11pm (our time) so we’ll be ordering pizzas. Obviously. This I like because there’s so much choice and with 6 of us, it’s very rare that we all want the same thing. Pizza means that we all have the opportunity to have our favourites – sweet peppers for my husband, hot peppers for our adventurous teens, olives and pineapple for me. It’s a winner in my eyes.

Thursday 19 June, England meet Uruguay. Now this took one took a little more research, but Uruguay traditionally draws on its European roots; Italy, Spain, Portugal and France – but they do have a national dish called ‘Asado‘ which is grilled beef. I think that the clear equivalent here is burgers. Quarter pounder, half pounder, cheese burger, Hawaiian burger (and for me and my husband, veggie burgers. I know it’s cheating but hey!)… Again, the choice is there and I know everyone will be happy with their meal.

England play Costa Rica on Tuesday 24 June at 5pm. Now, when I was meal planning I thought this would be a culinary education, but do you know what? We’re supporting England so I’m putting my foot down and demanding my favourite – OUR traditional meal: fish and chips (mushy peas anyone?)

I’m looking forward to England progressing so that we can learn a little more about the world and sample different dishes (any chance of Japan making it? I REALLY like sushi!) – and basically I have an excuse not to cook, but to sit and watch TV with my family, cheering on our national squad and bonding, after all that’s what it’s all about!

Have a think about it and let me know your choices – football and food wise… I’d love to hear your ideas!