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When I was a single mum, I didn’t dare to dream about our futures.

I didn’t think beyond our ‘today’.

When I finally allowed myself to believe that there *might* be happier days, I never gave any thought to a ‘significant other’.

Then, without knowing it, I found my saviour, my guardian angel, my absolute life changer:

One night, I was in our local supermarket with my mum. She’d been over charged and needed to speak to the duty manager – who turned out to be my ex boyfriend from school.

Not *any* ex.

This was the ‘one who got away’.

My mum was complaining to the man who had held my heart for many years…

This was the man I never got over.

Never. Ever.

But I was there. Chatting with my ex.

We exchanged numbers and text for a little while. And he seemed interested. Not just in me – because I had my defences up (and they were up good!) But he was interested in my boys. He forged friendships with them. He wanted to spend time with them. They wanted to spend time with him.

12 weeks later I remember having a conversation with him. I remember I told him that as a single mum I thought I could either be with someone who made me happy or I could be with a wonderful ‘step dad’. Yet I knew my decision to be with him had led me to someone who not only ticked all the boxes, but far exceeded them.

I have an amazing life.

I have someone who is my best friend, partner, rock, support, the person who makes me laugh until I physically cannot laugh any more, all rolled into one.

I have someone prepared to fight my corner, to cheer me on, boost my confidence, someone who loves me more than I can ever allow myself to believe…

My boys have someone who is there for them physically, emotionally, morally, financially.

They have someone who books time off work to attend their parents’ evenings and assemblies, weeps with pride at their achievements, stands in the freezing cold and torrential rain cheering them on whilst they play football. Someone who will go out in the dead of night to drive them and their friends home safely from parties, to and from rehearsals, collect them when they’ve missed the bus. To teach them things that dads teach their sons; to shave, to drive, to be a man that treats people with respect and takes responsibility.

Someone who also loves them unconditionally.

We are far more confident, far happier, far more content since he came into our lives. He has made us all better people. He has invested so much in all of us and we want to wish Mr sixdegreesofharmony THE happiest of Fathers’ days because, he is without any shadow of a doubt, THE best father in the whole wide world – and is loved more than he will ever know xxx