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Mr sixdegreesofharmony has been working away for the last 8 weeks, meaning that he had two nights and one day at home per week. It’s been pretty stressful and to be honest, we really missed him. FaceTime is awesome – being able to catch up and see the person you’re talking to is wonderful – but it’s no substitute for the hugs and kisses when he gets in and snuggling in the evening!

His placement finished on Friday so he booked this week off. We had plans for all sorts of things but Munchkin was knocked over on the playground last week and head butted the floor, leaving him with an egg on his head and a nasty black eye. It’s really knocked his confidence and he’s determined not to return to nursery, it’s also left him a bit run down and he’s got a virus so it’s nice that we can spend this week with him.

When hubby got home on Friday, he had a quick turnaround – removing his suitcases from the car and packing his beloved drums – as he had a gig. It was really late when he got back so we ended up going to bed about 3am. On Saturday we had a really lazy day, it mainly consisted of drinking coffee and watching TV (although there’s no hiding from my ever growing laundry pile so I had to get several loads done!)

On Sunday we were invited to a birthday party. Our lovely, lovely friends were holding a party for their eldest daughter’s 6th birthday. It was a fabulous afternoon of dancing, bouncing, biscuit decorating, eating, playing games and laughing and we were made to feel very welcome by the family. We then drove into Manchester to see the Soccer Aid match – you can read how much we enjoyed it here

Yesterday Mr sixdegreesofharmony and Munchkin did some gardening whilst I caught up on some long overdue paperwork. Unfortunately Munchkin started with a high temperature so spent the rest of the day curled up on my lap, rosy cheeks burning and eyes watering. At bedtime daddy administered Calpol and mummy relented and let him go to sleep in our bed which seemed to work wonders as he woke up much brighter, although still under the weather.

Today we visited an animal park. It had a mixture of farm animals that you could feed and zoo animals that were in cages. The weather was gorgeous and we were able to able around chatting and laughing. Mr sixdegreesofharmony is a lot braver than me and Munchkin, so he fed the animals whilst we watched. It also served the worst food I’ve had in quite some time – and to add insult to injury the food arrived on polystyrene plates and with plastic cutlery. But when you’re enjoying the company and the sun is shining, it doesn’t matter…

Tomorrow we plan to move some furniture (finally the still boxed, Christmas sales bargain, running machine can be moved from the dining room into the garage as the building work has been done!) and get a bit more gardening done.

Thursday is going to be a quiet day and hubby has rehearsal in the evening. Then on Friday we’re hoping to visit Illuminasia in Blackpool as we received complimentary tickets in the extensive goody bags at Blog On. This is something that we’re really looking forward to – the pictures I’ve seen so far are so impressive – so be prepared to see mine too 😉