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Having 2 teenage boys, a tween and a preschooler, it can be difficult to find games that include and engage everyone.

Then we discovered Dobble!


“What is it?”, I hear you ask. Well GENIUS would be the short answer. It’s a card game where you match symbols, but it’s nothing like the games of Snap that we played as children. Imagine a pimped up, all singing, all dancing version. A game that is simple enough for children to learn and play – yet fast paced enough to keep even the coolest of teens involved!

There are 55 cards with 8 symbols per card from the 50 available. There is only one identical symbol in common between each card and you just need to find it faster than your opponents.


The instructions are easy to follow and even include 5 mini games; The Towering Inferno, The Well, The Poisoned Gift, The Hot Potato and Gotta Catch Them All.

My boys instantly loved this game. I love it because it’s rare to find something we all love – and the OCD mum in me adores the fact that the cards come in a sturdy, stackable tin rather than a flimsy cardboard box (meaning the game will last a lot longer!)

I am not surprised to learn that Dobble is the No1 selling game in France across all games and still rising in sales – currently you can buy it on Amazon and Tesco Direct with a RRP of £12.99

Also, a recent addition to the Dobble family is Dobble Kids – a slightly simpler version with 30 different animals on 30 cards, with each card displaying 6 animals.


Again, there are 5 mini games; Hide and Seek, The five-fingers Of A Hand, The Tower Of Doom, The Well and The Unwelcome Gift. This game is suitable from age 4 and up and is equally as enjoyable.

The sixdegreesofharmony household definitely give Dobble and Dobble Kids a huge thumbs up 👍

*Disclaimer – we were kindly given Dobble and Dobble Kids to review but all opinions are my own*