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Mr sixdegrees loves the shopping channel.

And JML.

Mr sixdegrees loves anything that is advertised as ‘versatile’.

Mr sixdegrees once rang to tell me he had bought me a present – it was a ‘Nicer Dicer’ (actually it turns out that they really are useful!)

Mr sixdegrees wanted a spinning mop, that basically had a salad spinner to help you wring the water out. Then broke the pedal the first time he used it.

Mr sixdegrees has an obsession with a pressure washer that I will never understand.

He likes a new gadget. Or tool.

But this sickness, and it IS a sickness has reached a whole new level.

Mr sixdegrees has coveted – and now bought – an X Hose.

Mr sixdegrees LOVES his X Hose.

A colleague of his has also bought an X Hose.

They took photos of their X Hoses and sent them to each other.

And they both keep them in a plant pot. As per the advert.

They really LOVE the X Hose.

It’s a sickness, I tell you!