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Watching children’s TV this morning with my son, I heard something that makes my teeth itch, that makes me truly stabby: ‘BFF’.

It’s dreadful! B – F – F  *shudder*

And do you know what makes my teeth even itchier and me even more stabby? Adults that use it!

I went on to Facebook and updated my status. It turns out, judging by the number of comments, that I’m not alone – ‘hun’ and ‘hunny’ rank quite highly on the list of annoying words as does ‘LOL’.

But it goes further than that for me.

It’s people who don’t use the full word, wiv for instance, and deliberately spell a word incorrectly (gawjus, anyone?)

What the hell is that all about?

And words without vowels? Come on people (ppl), it’s not that hard.