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How many pictures do your children draw?

Do your little artists tell you all about the drawings? Do they fill the blank page with their explanations? Do you see the little stick people in all their childlike, imaginative glory?

What do you do with them? Put them on the fridge for a few weeks? Store them in a drawer?

If, like me, you have an ever growing pile of beautiful little drawings that mean the world to you but you have no idea what to do with them, then head over to Works of Heart and be amazed.

Minty, the uber talented artist, and her incredible imagination will transform the little doodle into something breath taking (okay, I’ll admit that I *might* have shed a wee tear when I saw the gorgeous final product).

Using mixed media, often building several layers over several days and working from a photo so as not to touch the original drawing, Minty can work to a specific colour scheme or themes – or make suggestions of her own (in our case, we left it entirely up to Minty and it was a wonderful surprise). They are available on paper for self framing, pre-framed and on canvas.

But quite how Minty translates a few lines into something so magnificent I will never know – but it really is. She turns a charming sketch into something so exquisite

Here is the little drawing that Munchkin did


And here is the final product in all its glory…


Look at the details!

image image

I’m sure you’ll agree that it really is stunning!

*DISCLAIMER I was lucky enough to receive as a product to review – but all words are my own (and I love it even more than I’ve let on!)