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I shared a picture on Facebook earlier this week and the comments got me thinking:

How do you perceive yourself? And do others perceive you in the same way?

Do the über gorgeous people know that they are über gorgeous? Do they spend hours in front of a mirror, glaring at tiny imperfections, hating what they see? Do they worry about something that we would never notice about them?

When Heat magazine photograph Courtney Cox and zoom in on her ‘finger toes’, does she worry? (Incidentally, thanks Heat – I now won’t wear shoes that expose my toes for that exact reason. You b@stards!)

Friends that commented on my picture definitely can’t see their beauty – they are gorgeous ladies. They are also lovely, lovely people with hearts of gold. I wonder if they know that about themselves…

Anyway, here it is. The picture. And my life as a potato – with finger toes!