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Last night I thought about the things I need.

The things I REALLY need.

And I compiled a list…

5. A new house 

I used to love our house. It’s not perfect, but it was perfect for us.

The back garden is smaller than where we lived before – but according to Mr Sixdegreesofharmony, that isn’t a bad thing. I think that the memory of trying to mow knee-high grass with a crummy mower when we first moved in has scarred him for life. It took him pretty much all day and he had blisters. He was a broken man by the end of it and had that haunted look, rocking like Arthur Fowler when he stole the Christmas Club money.

I think the fact that the garage roof collapsed at Christmas, that the kitchen is badly designed (and would cost an absolute fortune to correct) and the rolling list of to-do jobs has made me feel differently. The location is perfect but as our family has grown we definitely need more room. It hasn’t helped that I saw THE perfect property for sale. It had everything we require, including a rehearsal room for Mr sixdegreesofharmony. He could drum the weekends away in his own space rather than having to set up camp in the dining room, as he does now.

4. A gardener

This is a must. Not a hot one, like you see  in Desperate Housewives. Just someone to save me from having to do it. I despise gardening. It’s basically housework for the outside. Weeding is dusting in disguise…

3. A personal trainer

I’m lacking a bit of motivation at the moment. I’ve been blogging about my aim to lose weight recently but the idea of a personal trainer really appeals and scares me in equal measure. I love watching Biggest Loser USA because Jillian is a machine. Shouting in people’s faces. Screaming insults to make them work harder. I would be toned, honed and awesome in no time (well, less wobbly and fitter, probably).

2. More energy

This is a must. I need more energy. I am currently about one nap away from hibernating. I could actually sleep way more than I do. And I sleep a lot.

If I sit down, I fall asleep.

If I’ve eaten, I fall asleep.

If I get comfortable in the sunshine, I fall asleep.

I once almost fell asleep on the school playground, waiting for our boys to come out of school. And it was pouring with rain.

1. Dumbledore’s Pensieve

In case you don’t know what Dumbledore’s pensieve is, it’s from the Harry Potter books. It belonged to a wizard, named Dumbledore, and it allows you to syphon the excess thoughts from your mind.


You know that feeling when you go to bed and your head is full of too many thoughts? Simply syphon some off, put them somewhere safe and drift off.

Actually, now that I come to think of it, if I managed to do that, I might get better quality sleep and that would improve my energy levels. And then I would stop falling asleep all the time. And I would exercise more.

Right, I’m off to source a pensieve – apparently that will give me three out five of the things on my wish list