Monday 7 July

This had been a great week.

It was tough because my husband had been working ridiculous hours – and was starting work at 6. And he had a two hour drive to get there!

A 4am alarm all week meant that quite often munchkin would wake and come into my bed for a chat and our day would start.

I can’t even pretend that I thought about running either. By the time I’d cooked an evening meal for the children I was exhausted. Hubby and I ate our meals on the sofa, in front of the TV, I did some laundry, tidied up and then headed to bed, ready for the alarm again.

I was sticking to my diet though.

And then it was Friday…

Traditionally a ‘treat night’ in our house. So I shared a portion of fish and chips with my hubby.

At least it wasn’t a full portion.

And then it was Saturday.

I felt good, knowing that I hadn’t blown the diet completely. Knowing that work hours would be more sociable this week. Knowing that I would have plenty of time to run.

My husband had a gig on Saturday night so dinner was going to have to be early. And I fell into the trap of getting pizza. Again.

Still, no excuses. Take responsibility. Don’t give up just because of a (large, family sized, covered in pineapple, olives, sweetcorn and red onion) blip…

This week’s weight loss: 0lb

Total weight loss to date: 4lb