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A joy.

They are the perfect little ball of joy.

That never sleep, destroy your home and sex night life.

That make you feel happiness that you’ve never believed possible.

That turn you into the person that fills Instagram and Facebook with photos and status updates of poo and messy eating and hilarious drawings.

But one of the secret joys that’s never talked about is the friends that you meet.

These are the people that, if you didn’t have children, you would consider yourself to have nothing in common with.

They have different musical tastes.

They’re obviously much younger/older than you.

Have different interests.

But you meet them every day at the nursery or playground. You make small chitchat. You have common ground in the fact that your children are the same age and are currently having similar experiences.

Then after a few weeks you go for coffee. You talk. You realise that you have so much more in common. Or maybe you have NOTHING in common however they are so interesting.

These are people that become friends for life.

You support each other through thick and thin. You may temporarily fall out. You may not see each other for months or years at a time but you KNOW that these people are true friends.

Having just started out, again, on the school journey with Munchkin, I am so happy to have a circle of friends already.

And I hope these friendships are as enduring as the friendships I’ve made along the way with my older boys.