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Yesterday, when I collected Munchkin from nursery, I was handed his report.

And WOW! What a report; the word brilliant was used even more than I use it, he’s excelling in all areas, his speech and vocabulary are exemplary, his maths skills are fantastic, he’s dedicated, focussed, he’s polite and thoughtful and kind.

*At this point, I should own up to wiping away a tear or two*

And it got me thinking. This is the end of an era for us. Me and him. Mummy and son.

As of September, he will be in full time school. Potentially until he is 18.

That means that there will be no more deciding that ‘today we could do something else’ and heading out for the day. No more snuggling on the sofa.

Things will change.

Because he will become his own person without me alongside him.

And I’m very proud of him. I love him to the ‘end of the stars and beyond’ (as he tells me). He makes me howl with laughter, he shows me just how beautiful the world really is; and I want him to go out and discover it all for himself, not through my jaded eyes, but with the enthusiasm of someone seeing it all anew. And to make his mark. And to wow the world with his awesomeness.

But I want to slow time down too. I want to have all the cuddles and laughs all over again. I want to be there to see his face when he learns something new or solves a problem that has previously challenged him.

It’s been an amazing year, we have had some fantastic experiences – and a truly terrifying one that really made me appreciate my children so much more than I ever believed possible, thanks to Munchkin somersaulting down the stairs and losing consciousness – and I just know that this is just the beginning of his adventure.

So, go ahead little man and spread your wings. I love you so much and the world is your oyster xxx

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