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After last week’s plateau I was determined to not give up.

knew that is was my own fault; too little exercise and too much food (and wine). I also felt that maybe the meal replacement shakes weren’t the right way to do it…

I’ve always been very careful to make sure my boys ate well and here I was, their role model, chucking back powdered chemicals instead of a healthy diet. I have previously got too hung up with calorie counting and did not want to go down that route again (standing in Tesco, crying, because you can’t think of a meal for less than 300 calories is proof that I have allowed things to get on top of me) so I decided to research the Paleo diet.

I was first told about this about 12 months ago – and it all seemed a little complicated – but the more I’ve heard about it the more sensible it sounds. And when I saw the results that another blogger had, I really began to warm to it.

As a vegetarian I know I can’t stick to it properly (Quorn doesn’t really fit into the plan) but the lack of processed carbohydrates and the increase in whole foods is definitely something I can get onboard with.

I have also accepted that my fitness is in my boots and I CANNOT just go running like I used to. I decided to start at the beginning. Again. And re-started a C25K app from ‘Day 1’ which proved to be genius as I managed 25 minutes for the first time in over 18 months. I admit that I looked like I had been boiled when I finished, but I was overjoyed that I’d finally got my stamina and motivation back.

And my husband has decided that this is the week that he’s going to get back into the swing of things too, so all in all this has been a really positive week!

Weekly update

This week’s weight loss: 2lb

Total weight loss: 6lb