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Mr sixdegreesofharmony is going on a stag do next week. One of his school friends is getting married and a group of them are planning a few days in Bristol together. It’s lovely to know that they grew up together and that in their 40’s they’re all still close. Distance and time means nothing when you have good friends like this to support you throughout marriages, births and deaths.

But I’m worried…

Now, I’m not worried about the normal things that wives are worried about when their husbands go away.

I asked our eldest teen what he thought most wives would worry about. He had a quick think and said, “Strippers!” so I asked him what he thought I was worried about. Without any hesitation he said, “Dad!”

I like to describe him as a labrador puppy. You know the type. They’ve had a spurt of growth but aren’t aware and they bound into the room, happy to see you, but their limbs are massive and start breaking things.

One of his friends described this as ‘enthusiasm over ability’. But I prefer my image!

A few years ago Mr sixdegreesofharmony went on the holiday of a lifetime with his friend. They’d planned it for ages and unfortunately a few weeks before they went I had to go into hospital. They made a video diary of their holiday – which was fabulous – but it turned out that on the first night, a combination of worry about me, a long day of travelling, a few glasses of the local spirit left my poor hubby a little dazed. The image of him, staring in to the camera with a haunted look on his face, shortly before simply sliding off the bed on to the floor is something that still makes me howl with laughter!


When I was pregnant with Munchkin he sent me off to bed for a rest and declared that he was doing all the house work and set about loading the washing machine with clothes. About 90 minutes later he was on his way to A&E with a suspected broken ankle FROM HANGING OUT WET CLOTHES… Extreme housework, anyone?

He spent some time working away from home, in Newcastle. One night he rang to say he and a few work colleagues were going out for a nice meal and possibly a few drinks. It all sounds very civilised, doesn’t it? As the evening progressed, Munchkin started with a high temperature and I couldn’t find the thermometer so I rang to ask if he knew where it was but couldn’t hear a word he was saying. This picture might explain why…


We went to Little Fun Fest earlier this year. Alex called Mr sixdegreesofharmony up on stage to take part in a competition where the loser got gunged. Alex assured us that it was fixed and that the other competitor, a member of staff, would lose. Here’s what actually happened.

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Mr sixdegreesofharmony is wonderful. I absolutely love the bones of him. Just being in his company makes you feel happier. He exudes all of the good things in life and I just hope that he has the best time away next week. He certainly deserves it!

But that won’t stop me worrying about him