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I resisted installing the TimeHop app for quite some time, but now that I have it, I’m a convert. I really love it.

I’ve re-read some of my Facebook status from when we were struggling with various things; feeling pretty desperate and experiencing really difficult times. When family have been ill, employment has been threatened, finances have been dire.


But we’re still here.

No matter what has been thrown at us in the last few years, we’re here. As a family. Happier and stronger.

There are also the Facebook status that make me beam with pride. This time last year, Tween was leaving primary, so we sat in a deathly hot school hall, watching as he was awarded a trophy for his downright awesome maths skills (obviously school didn’t word it in quite such a snappy way!) and we had our photos taken together (whilst I was very emotional).


There are the quotes that make me howl with laughter; the ones that I repost, my own and the things that the boys said as they were growing up.


There are the photos of our boys that make me chuckle, the ones that help me recall something amazing, the ones of my amazing technicolour leg when I was knocked over the seating and knocked unconscious at the Take That gig at the Ethiad stadium.


The pictures of our wedding that show daily for about a week after our anniversary as we tagged ourselves in different pictures. Our honeymoon, spent together as a family, in a tent, on the beach.

It’s not something I always feel the need to re-share with you all – after all, you probably saw it all the first time round – but I do love looking back and seeing how far we’ve come in the last few years and how the boys have changed in such a small space of time – proving just how quickly it all flies by – allowing me to appreciate each moment even more.