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First week of the summer holiday is usually a quiet affair here.

Our boys like to relax and enjoy the ‘nothingness’.

They like to sleep in, to watch TV, to stay in their pjs – then they get bored and the second week is full of visits and arrangments to meet people.

But not this year.

Oh no…

This is the first summer that I’ve been blogging.

This is the first summer that I’ve needed to have time at my desk.

This is the first summer that I’ve been at home with deadlines.

This is also the first summer that my boys have decided to be busy in the first week.

Not only am I busy with my own blog, but I’ve recently been taken on by Erisea magazine. And through this I have been lucky enough to interview celebrity personal trainer and Reebok brand ambassador, Sarah Maxwell (you can read my interview here).

It’s tough.

I feel like I’m neglecting my boys to do my work – but I feel I’m neglecting my work when I don’t meet my own self-imposed targets.

But I’m also loving it.

I am getting to do something that I love.

I am challenging myself.

I am getting some amazing opportunities.

And I think that I’m showing my boys that you find work where you can. That I may be a SAHM with them as my priority, but I also need to work. And that time management is very important!

Hopefully they too will see this as a positive experience…