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When I was approached to review a puzzle by Wasgij, I was intrigued. I have seen the puzzles on sale but didn’t really understand how they would work, given you’re not trying to complete the picture that is on the front of the box.

The puzzle that arrived was called ‘How times have changed’ and is from the Destiny series.

The image on the front of the box is a lovely park/street scene from the 1950s – young children playing on the playground equipment, teenage girls dancing to a wireless and young men on their motorbikes, trying to impress a young lady. In the background a policeman is telling a lad off and although it’s a cartoon, it portrays an altogether more innocent time.

I opened the box, tipped the pieces on to our tray then Teen 2 and I set about separating the edges and corners (yes, we really are *those* people). We put the outline together and then Tween asked to join in too.


Given that you’re not entirely sure what the image you’re working toward is, it’s a real challenge. There’s no point of reference – and to be honest, we all loved that.

It’s taken us two days to complete (although that isn’t two days of constant jigsawing) and it is safe to say that this captured the imagination of everyone. I even caught my husband doing some when I came down from the shower last night. It’s something that we’ve dipped in and out of, worked on together and talked. My teenage boys have already expressed an interest in having more of these and I will definitely be looking at what we can do next.

Wasgij has been a real unexpected joy!

*Ordinarily I would include a photo of the finished item – but given that the unknown image is all part of the charm of these, I’ve decided not to*

DISCLAIMER – We were kindly given this item free of charge, to review, but all words and opinions are my own