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Sorry for the delay – our ISP was shocking and we finally switched provider, which has resulted in a few days without WI-FI…

I fell off the ‘Paleo’ plan so hard I’m surprised I didn’t sustain injuries – this was partly due to the amount of work I’ve had on and the fact the Mr sixdegreesofharmony was working away and then leaving for a weekend of stag do fun on Friday morning.

I barely stopped last week; the guilt of not devoting enough time to work and not enough time to the children left me feeling very negative. But there were some highlights. The interview with Sarah Maxwell went really well and I definitely made a few lifestyle/fitness decisions from that. I’ve acknowledged that I REALLY like eating and that as I haven’t found my running mojo I need to look at other things. I want to go back to the Pilates class I tried before the holidays and I would love to get back to aerobics too – but these are things that can’t happen until September. So in the mean time I need to just be more active. Simple.

As Thursday was our weekend (what with Mr sixdegreesofharmony being away) – and to celebrate my first article with Erisea being published – we had treat night. Pizza. (I’ve also come to realise, I eat a LOT of pizza).

Friday I was solo parenting which was really helpful in as much as I wasn’t drinking, but it also meant that my time was even more precious and I didn’t make time for exercise.

I had great plans for Saturday – a walk into town with my boys, meeting up with some friends and generally enjoying the good weather but unfortunately I was laid up with a horrendous migraine and barely moved from the sofa. I ended up binging on pasta (although I also piled on lots of veggies).

The week ended on a better note though as I woke early on Sunday, feeling much better. I fed Munchkin and my older boys looked after him whilst I treated myself to 25 minutes on the treadmill.

And the evening improved even further when my lovely hubby came home and cooked dinner!

Weekly update

This week’s weight loss: 0lb

Total weight loss: 7lb