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It’s been a funny old week.

Work was manic for me. I was also doing a lot of solo parenting as my hubby was working away for the first half of the week and doing ridiculously long hours the rest of the week. He really looked stressed and it scared me as I’ve never seen him suffer like that – but 3am starts followed by a commute to work that takes more than two hours (4 if he gets stuck in bad traffic) clearly were taking their toll. By Thursday he was grey and slurring his words which was terrifying.

I also started with more kidney pain on Thursday. We were not a glamorous couple! I couldn’t get comfortable, was freezing despite the sunny weather and had no appetite.

But when I woke on Friday, my kidney was recovered. It was as I had a blockage that had been removed and all was well again. Plus my hubby finished work early so we were able to relax together and get an early night.

Saturday was very exciting as his band were playing in a blues and soul festival in the town where we grew up. The weather was atrocious in the morning but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We were able to take refuge in the ‘green room’ where the hospitality was second to none (and I broke my own drinking rule of abstaining during the day).

It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon and that evening we had a celebratory dinner of cheeses, breads and accompaniments… So this week’s update will come as absolutely NO shock to you

Weekly update

This week’s loss: 0lb

Total loss: 7lb