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Summertime means forcing our older boys out of the house.

If it doesn’t involve a length of electrical cable with a plug on one end and technology on the other, it’s unlikely interest them.

But when we were invited to lunch by my husband’s sister and her hubby, I packed the Sky Ripperz in my bag to keep our boys entertained – little realising that we would all want to get involved.

Sky Ripperz are the latest craze, in the pack you get three lightweight, brightly coloured rockets, and a launcher which is a loop of stretchy rubber connected to a plastic handle.


We had three packs so knowing how much my boys can argue, we gave each three rockets of a specific colour.

The boys headed down to the bottom of the garden, a good 50 metres away, connected a rocket to the launcher, via a hook, and aimed them toward the house.

Now, the advert claims they can fly 75 metres – which is no exaggeration! The rockets  – which make a whistling noise – came flying toward us, much to the amusement of the boys so we then had them launch them from the decking toward the fields!


If I had to judge the success of the Sky Ripperz by the amount of laughter we heard, we’d be giving them a definite 10/10.

Of course Mr sixdegreesofharmony (ever the competitive Dad) also wanted to get involved!

IMG_1455 IMG_1456

He took great delight in firing them into the air – and then lifting Munchkin over the fences to retrieve stray rockets.

And sibling rivalry appeared when my lovely sister in law also got involved…

The Sky Ripperz are suitable for ages 8+, but even our 4 year old managed to fire them and we all had a fabulous afternoon. All in all, I would give Sky Ripperz a huge thumbs up from all of the sixdegreesofharmony family!

Sky Ripperz are available from all good toy shops priced at £9.99

*DISCLAIMER – we were very kindly sent the Sky Ripperz for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own*