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Dear David Cameron,

I am writing this open letter to you because whenever I contact you directly, your office fails to read the details, instead the complaint is passed straight back to the CSA, the very people I am complaining about.

I was forced to open a case with the CSA back in 2008 because my ex refused to contribute financially toward our children.

He then took voluntary redundancy – which included a reasonable pay off – and never contacted us again!

Since then my case has had a deduction of earnings order on it as he has refused to comply with requests about his earnings and other details.

He had a history of job hopping – mainly due to his inability to keep his hand out of the till and himself out of the bookies – and this has continued since we split. He went back onto JSA, meaning that we received £5 per week. That amounts to £1.66 per week, per child.

This is a total disgrace.

The icing on the cake came last September. Almost 12 months ago. When he suddenly stopped claiming.

He’s not working. He’s not claiming. And he’s not contributing.

My case worker has suggested that he is working cash in hand and thinks I should report him. But I have no information about him as he left the area with rent arrears and excessive debts.

I have filled in a variance form. But this has been rejected out of hand because he has no income. Which was my point. How can you have NO income? That is clearly not acceptable!

My case worker has also told me that he’s applying for credit from an address he hasn’t supplied the CSA with. This new address is also the one that his bank account is registered to.

So he’s applying for credit with no income?!

And he’s withholding information from the CSA and this isn’t being followed up.

The CSA have no powers. They are useless. They refer to my ex as their client, they talk about HIS rights and their own lack of resources. They regularly break me, emotionally whilst excusing their lack of activity on my case. I am frustrated by case workers never following up their promises, detailed notes not being written up, the complete lack of empathy…

Let’s remember this is the CHILD SUPPORT Agency. So please, feel free to comment how this agency is supporting my children in any way.