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Another week of solo parenting.

Another week of trying to balance children and work.

Plus we’ve had a few things that we needed to worry about. Things have cropped up that could have serious impact on our lives. Worry and stress is never a good thing when you’re having to discuss things on the phone instead of face-to-face…

I tried to be good tho. I’ve been far more aware of what I was eating and drinking – especially as we had a full on weekend of family and great food.

The exercise thing is still an issue. I still haven’t found my mojo. I am lacking the will power and my self imposed deadline to lose the weight is rapidly approaching. I wanted to be at least a stone lighter than I am by now – with the intention of losing another 7lb in the month after. But that is so far out of my reach now. Sadly.

Weekly update:

This week’s weight loss: 1lb

Total weight loss: 8lb