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Munchkin doesn’t like going to bed.

After his stories and cuddles, he complains about being left alone. He looks through books and sometimes has his Innotab in bed too. So when we were invited to try the new Moon Man Dan app I was thrilled…

Moon Man Dan is aimed at pre-school children. It features a delightful character called Moon Man Dan – who lives in a caravan “on the moon, up in the sky” – and his friends, the Nooms and the Moon Moos.


The app consists of an interactive story, an animated episode and a night light.

We read though the interactive story, which is fabulous; children are invited to get involved by pressing the screen and to turn the pages.

Then we watched the episode. It is wonderfully entertaining! It feels like a quality children’s TV programme, that wouldn’t be out of place in the CBeebies Bedtime Hour. Munchkin giggled away and watched this back-to-back three times – and the following morning came in to my bed for cuddles and to tell me about gravity. I loved how at the end of the episode Moon Man Dan pulls the blanket over, leaving the crescent moon that we see and indicating that it’s time for bed.

Then we switched on the night light; a still of the moon, which is very relaxing.

We absolutely LOVE this app – and we’d love to see more episodes.

It is developed by Pickled Pepper Productions Ltd and is available from the app store for just £1.49

*DISCLAIMER – we were kindly allowed to try this app free of charge, but all opinions are mine and Munchkin’s*