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Today is our wedding anniversary.

Mr sixdegrees always books two weeks holiday around our anniversary.

Our honeymoon was spent on a campsite, near the beach, in a festival tent, with three of our children. No cooking equipment, just a lot of laughs.

One anniversary we were on a lovely beach holiday. With all our children.

Today we had a huge lie in followed by a home cooked big breakfast (thanks to my hubby) then went to buy all the school shoes and school bags then we came home and we all did the ALS ice bucket challenge. We fed the boys and now we’re waiting for a cheeky take away, washed down with a few glasses of wine.

And this is perfect.


Because it’s all about family.

Yes, it is our WEDDING anniversary but we chose to be parents and our children are everything to us.

So, Mr sixdegrees, happy anniversary!

Thank you for making me so, so happy and thank you for being such an amazing dad.

We love you x