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This week has been a bit crazy…

We went away for the weekend but my hands and arms had already started to itch. A lot. They were burning and small patches of blisters were starting to form. But it was the last weekend of the summer holidays and we had plans.

On Monday we went to our local hospital as Mr sixdegrees had an appointment. He’s been treated for follicilitis for a little while and we assumed it was a normal appointment with a dermatologist just to check that his medication was correct.

But we were terrified when the appointment turned out to be in the skin cancer unit.

I think the wait (despite only being about 40 minutes) might have been one of the longest in my life. One of the scariest times. All the posters offering support began to swim before my eyes…

Once we were called in, the doctor asked lots of questions about Mr sixdegrees; about his skin, his lifestyle, his general health and specifically about the ‘problem’. He checked over his body and concluded that it was indeed, most likely follicilitis and prescribed more medication – and crucially a skin wash.

On Tuesday Munchkin started full time school and it was quite an emotional day. I can’t believe just how quickly these past four years have flown by. Mr sixdegrees and I kept busy so that we didn’t think too much about it, but my hands and arms just got itchier. And my face started getting hot and red across the cheek bones.

When we woke on Wednesday my cheek bones were BURNING and by the afternoon they had started to get a little bit lumpy. It was so uncomfortable.

Thursday our eldest had an appointment at our local hospital for the release of his tongue tie.

But when I woke my face was bright red, covered in blisters, painful – and my eyes were swollen shut. So my hubby dropped me off in A&E whilst he and our son headed off to maxillofacial ward.

I was seen by triage – then we were informed of a major incident as four ambulances arrived. When I was called in to minors, I was seen by wonderful doctors who, after a barrage of questions, decided it must be a severe allergic reaction. But the cause remains a mystery. I was prescribed steroids and strong antihistamines.

I caught up with my men in the foyer, my poor boy sporting stitches under his tongue and with an inability to talk,and we we all headed home.

We all received fantastic care. Faultless in fact. From truly caring professionals.

Bless my son, he’s still in agony two days later and unable to talk – and I now look like this,



which believe me, is a massive improvement 😉