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Yup, week 13

I didn’t manage to write about week 12 as it was the last week of the summer, we had been away, Munchkin was due to start full time school and we had hospital appointments a plenty.

My eating has been out of control these last two weeks and as the scales are still broken, I can’t tell you just how bad it is…


We have a really important wedding to go to in two weeks (12 days in fact) and I genuinely cannot get into my clothes. My belt is back up two notches (the two notches that I had gone down with careful eating) and I feel really heavy.

I have decided to cut out carbs and live on salads and protein this week whilst trying to fit in a few short runs. I realise that 12 days is not enough time to make a real difference to how I look but I need to start taking this seriously now.

Wedding or not, I need to start today!