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Recently we’ve had a lot to contend with. Things have been very stressful, but as usual we’ve tried to find the lighter side in it all.

I’ve tried to manage my stress levels; my husband and I work really well together as a team and we are able to separate general stress from our relationship.

But slowly, things seem to be turning a corner…

Loose ends seem to be getting tied; millimetre by millimetre I am starting to feel more positive about the future and I am allowing myself to believe that things *may* work out in our favour.

This weekend we went away – without our children – to the wedding of a school friend. It was quite a long drive but we laughed and talked all the way, went for lunch and managed to get ready (without the need for baby wipes or throwing a teen a stern stare).

The evening was WONDERFUL! We laughed and laughed, hugged dear friends that we haven’t seen for…well TOO long and relaxed, feeling the intervening years melt away.

It was very cathartic. It was very much needed and, as much as we truly love our children, it reminded me that I need to spend quality time with my beautiful husband as well.

The journey home allowed us more time to talk at length.

We have decided that once the last of the loose ends are tied, we want to make a really big change. And today I have been researching and window shopping (Windows 8 shopping to be more accurate, as I haven’t moved from my desk).

Future, beware! We have our sleeves rolled up and we are coming to get you…