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How do you display your photographs?

DO you even display your photographs? Or are you, like me, guilty of taking photos of your nearest and dearest then uploading them to your laptop, never to print them off and display them?

Well, PicStick have the solution.


Beautiful magnets featuring your photos that you can display AND are useful (is your notice board home to ugly pins?)

The website is incredibly easy to use – you can upload 9 images from a laptop, tablet or even a phone! You can crop and drag the photo to make it perfect and change the ratio easily (I used my iPad with absolutely no issues at all).

Payment is a smooth process too, and it only costs £9.50. No P+P. That’s right – P+P is free to ANYWHERE in the world…

Then, within 2 days your photo magnets (each measuring 50x65mm) will arrive.

I love mine – my notice board in my office is far more attractive now that I have the faces of my family surrounding me. And I love that I can rearrange them, add more, remove any and generally have a regularly updated view to motivate me.


(Please excuse the enormous note from my Munchkin, he thought I might miss him whilst he was at nursery – then got bored colouring in the love heart he drew!)

And if you want to try these, just add the code HARMONY25 and the extremely lovely people at PicStick with give you 25% off your order! How fab is that…

*DISCLAIMER – I was sent these magnets free of charge, for the purpose of this review, but all words are my own*