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Since August, since becoming incredibly stressed, my brain has developed black holes.

Black holes where my vocabulary resides. Well, at least resided. And I hope will reside once more, once things become more settled.

This morning I couldn’t remember my PIN at the ATM. This is partially due to black holes and partially due to crying after being told by the receptionist at our GP surgery that I needed to go straight to A&E as I was in danger of anaphylaxis!

The brain black holes amuse me. Words that I’ve always known are gone. Not there. Vanished…

For example, I had a conversation with my husband on Saturday and asked about ‘the money that he gets in his pay that isn’t his wage’. I meant his bonus.

Tonight, whilst watching ‘Would I Lie
To You’ I added that I had a story similar to one of theirs – and told it.

And thanks to brain black holes, I tweeted this gem:

Brain isn’t remembering words…

Just described how a naked Scandinavian tried to climb on the back on my ‘doofer’