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As a mum of four, my days are powered by coffee. And my evenings by wine.

Before I go to bed, my trusty filter machine is loaded up with magical grains and water ready to be switched on by an early riser (usually my husband). The carafe of brown heavenly liquid is shared between me and my eldest, rinsed and then primed ready to go back on when I return from the school run.

But of course, this machine needs to be cleaned and descaled from time to time because lime desposits from tap water; causing an increase the amount of energy used and have a negative impact on the brew time.

Although vinegar, being an acid, can descale but it has a nasty smell, leaves a residual taste and can damage plastics and fine lines so it is important to use an appropriate decalcifier such as Durgol which works up to 10 times faster than other brands, comes in a single use container – meaning no over dosing – and because of its special corrosion protection won’t damage any machine.

It’s easy to use, flush out and dispose of – meaning that I’m now happily refilling my coffee machine and brewing up again.

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