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So, I talked about all the stress we have been under. But I never said why (I don’t think…) Well, my fabulous hubby was under threat of redundancy.

We have 4 boys – one of whom is applying for university. The thought of having no income was stifling. I was obviously looking for a job as we would need AN income of sorts but that would never make ends meet.

Then a phone call changed our lives.

A company wanted to offer him a job. A fantastic job. Closer to home (he had been commuting 70+ miles each way at one point!). Better working conditions. Better money. Perks. Being valued.

And so, with redundancy date looming & holidays owing, it turned out that he was off over half term. We managed to squeeze a lot in to that week – family days out, I painted the kitchen, he went walking with our dog, we took a trip to IKEA, we shopped, we laughed and finally started to relax (although the IKEA bit wasn’t realaxing…)

Then it was Monday.

Mr sixdegreesofharmony started his new job. All of our boys started back at school. And I was alone in a silent house. Surrounded by the remnants of the whirlwind that is a family’s morning routine.