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When I was little, my dad worked long hours. We didn’t get to do things as a family regularly because he was on-call for an electricity board. This meant that he would often not be home when we went to bed – and sometimes still not home when we left for school. And Mum did everything for us.

In the evenings, when he worked late, he would come home exhausted so my mum would put a towel on the sofa, sit him down and he would eat his dinner, from a tray on his lap whilst dozing whilst Mum ran him a bath.

When I was 8, and my sister was 4, my mum needed to go into hospital for a major operation. Dad had time off work to care for us.

The first evening, Dad cooked chips and fried egg (something of a signature dish for him back in the 80’s) and for dessert promised us chocolate Angel Delight.

I think he wanted to make it a treat night because we were obviously worried about Mum. Except Dad didn’t read the instructions and added too much milk.

And instead of the wonderful creamy dessert we were used to, we had a bowl of very runny mixture.

No to be thwarted by such a disaster – and so as not to disappoint two eager little girls, he poured it into two glasses, added straws and lo: the best milkshake we had ever tasted!

I often think of that night. It’s something that has stuck with me – and when my eldest went away with his friends for the first time then inevitably came home ‘worse for wear’, I put him to bed and when he woke in the afternoon craving something but not able to stomach much, I made him a chocolate milkshake from Angel Delight.

It was a life saver, apparently!

Two little girls, who loved Angel Delight milkshake!

Two little girls, who loved Angel Delight milkshake!

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