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Yesterday I posted an innocent Facebook status. It was liked. A lot. It was shared. Once. I am pretty sure that it was a fair status (despite the chaos that ensued 12 hours later).

It lead me to think about how people are viewed and wonder why certain people judge the majority by the negative actions of the minority.

We certainly aren’t so quick to judge conversely.

Take teenagers. Lazy? Rowdy? The generalisation is that teenagers aren’t a good bunch of people. But this is ridiculous. Teenagers do amazing things all the time. They are brave and kind and wonderful. Yet the teens that we hear about doing such acts are classed as the minority. People don’t say “Aah, that teen has done something wonderful so all teens are wonderful”.

But if a bunch of teens were to be arrested for criminal damage, local headlines would lead you to believe that ALL teens behave this way. That all teens are hoodie wearers, waiting for an ASBO(!)

It’s the same in all walks of like. Be it you colour, your religion, your family, your choices in life. Whatever it may be.

People don’t generalise when something good happens. If someone does something truly wonderful, people don’t assume that their sibling can do something equally wonderful, yet if someone makes a catastrophic error of judgement quite often their family and friends are tarred with the same brush.

Why are some people lead more by fear than forgiveness?

Why are people so quick to judge the majority by the actions of the minority?

In short, why is negativity more powerful than positivity?