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As a family of 6 vegetarians, we are always on the look out for something new. We’re very familiar with Quorn products but I must admit to not being particularly adventurous – Quorn fillets are normally steamed to prevent them drying out, Quorn pieces are fried for fajitas and my ‘stealth’ sauce (onion, garlic and veg, gently fried, then blitzed to make it smooth before a tin of chopped tomatoes is added) mixed with Quorn mince is usually the base for my lasagne and bolognaise.

So when I was asked to try some of the recipes from the Quorn website, I was eager. It’s always nice to get out of the menu rut and this was the opportunity I needed.

I chose to make lasagne (I know I’ve mentioned that I already make it, but the recipe online looked so appealing that I couldn’t resist) because I do love it. And given that Quorn doesn’t need to be fried first, it can be added straight to your sauce meaning you are cutting back on fat – which is definitely a bonus.

Firstly, don’t be put off by what appears to be a long list of ingredients. The biggest part of the prep was chopping the onion (and the mushrooms because I have to hide them in a meal as my husband doesn’t like them).

photo (3)

The rest of the recipe is just adding a spoonful of this or a few mls of that.

The smell of the mince cooking was incredible – the pesto, red wine and oregano really lifted the dish and I *might’ve* been tempted to test a few spoonfuls straight from the pan…

photo (7)

The white sauce was a doddle too.

photo (1)

Then I assembled it in my favourite dish that I had from my lovely mother-in-law.

photo (4)

The smell from the oven whilst it was cooking was heavenly and when I opened the oven, it certainly didn’t disappoint…

photo (5)

I know that I should probably have teamed this with a lightly dressed salad, but given that it was Friday night and we were eating without our children, I have to admit to pouring a large glass of wine (which complemented it perfectly).

photo (6)

It tasted divine! My husband commented repeatedly on how delicious it was and finished with “Mmmm, you can definitely make this again!”

I had perused the Quorn website previously and never made anything from the recipe list – but now I know just how easy and delicious the meals are, I am already menu planning for next week!

*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent vouchers to purchase Quorn for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own*