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I read that Take That tickets went on sale today for their new tour. I won’t be trying to get tickets and I won’t be going to see them live this time.


Waaaaay back in December 2010, my lovely sister-in-law and brother-in-law bought me ticket for the Progress Tour for my birthday. I was SO excited – I love live music.

We had a few months to wait which only added to the excitement then the day finally arrived.


My hubby drove me to my sister-in-law’s house as we (including some work colleagues and neighbours) got a minibus to the Etihad Stadium. It was a great trip and everyone was really looking forward to the gig.

We arrived in Manchester, the driver dropped us off and wove our way though the crowds. Unfortunately the stewards wouldn’t allow one of our group to take his digital camera in to the stadium, so after a mad dash to find our driver and secure the camera, we finally got inside.


We decided to buy a bottle of wine between us – no one wanted to get drunk as we really wanted to enjoy the show – and the atmosphere started to build.

Unfortunately, the two women behind us had had far more than their fair share of alcohol and were at the loud, obnoxious stage. They were spilling over-priced wine from their plastic glasses and arguing with each other. At this stage I was worrying that we might end up with vomit on us.

Which might have been preferable, in hindsight.

The Pet Shop Boys came on and gave a fantastic, crazy, colourful performance. We were all singing along and chatting, having the time of our lives.


Then the digital clock on stage began the count down


I was beside myself!

And then the four piece Take That came on stage!!!


The first song was amazing. As was the second. Then the incredibly intoxicated woman stood up. And for a millisecond she managed to…

Then she lost her balance!

She fell forward and fortunately for her she had a protected landing. On me. Whilst I was taking a photo


But she knocked me forward and I fell. Hard. I fell into probably the only empty space in the stadium.

At 5′ 9″ I managed to reach the floor in the row below. With my head. Straight on to the concrete.

I was knocked unconscious and unaware of what happened next, but I believe that as she was heavy and incredibly drunk, she remained on top of me and she trapped my legs in my seat.

My friends had to peel her off me and I came round, on the floor with my head in the lap of a first aider, with hundreds of pairs of eyes trained on me.

Due to my head injury, I have no further recollection of that night – although I apparently rang my mum and husband and babbled at length, making no sense. I don’t even remember seeing Robbie Williams, someone I’ve always REALLY wanted to see. My camera was broken. I was taken to A&E the following day and I was told. I had concussion, soft tissue damage in my neck, shoulder and back and over the following days my leg became a rainbow of beautiful colours…

imageSo, no. This time I won’t be going to see them live…